What to Do When Your Divorced Parents Don't Get Along


To help you find support and know what to say when your divorced parents are constantly arguing and fighting.

You Should Know

If your parents have been through a divorce, it can be very stressful for the whole family, even if your parents have been friendly and cooperative throughout the process. For children who grow up in homes where the parents have fought a lot, it can be extra stressful.

Perhaps you witnessed fighting or long periods of the “silent treatment” between your parents while they were still living together. Now that they are divorced, if they are still arguing, the stress continues.

And it is easy to get caught in the middle and to struggle with feelings of divided loyalty, fear, anxiety, sadness, and anger.

The main thing you need to know is that it is not your fault that your parents are divorced. And it is not your job to try to fix them, counsel them, help them, or act as a go-between in their disagreements.

This is easier said than done. In this worksheet, you will look at your current situation and then review some strategies for dealing with parents who fight and argue.

What to Do

How old were you when your parents divorced (or separated)?

Describe what that was like for you at the time. Perhaps you had positive feelings as well as negative ones. There is no right answer.