What Is A Growth Mindset?

What is a growth mindset? It's not about being defensive or attacking yourself. In fact, it all boils down to exploring your options and forming accurate beliefs of the situation you're in so that you can get out more successfully than before!

A Personal Growth Mindset doesn't scan landscapes for threats, but focuses on finding data with curiosity—and interest.

There are tradeoffs everywhere we look; some things may seem impossible at first glance, but if given enough time they will come around eventually as long as there isn’t any initial resistance against change.

It allows us to take in new information, including when we’re under stress.

Sometimes things aren't the way you would prefer them to be. But when your mind begins to grow, you’ve accepted that, and you’re not fighting it. You are going to really try to be intellectually honest, curious about what is really true.

The truth about life as an individual isn't always easy but if you follow your curiosity then everything will feel lighter.

The truth is, we’re all a little bit of a soldier and a little bit of a scout every day. Maybe even every minute. The trick is learning the difference between the two and to judge ourselves toward curiosity when we feel tempted to become rigid.

We also tend to undervalue its benefits and how it can give us a more accurate view of our own thinking and behavior and help us choose long-term benefits over short-term gain.

Having a Personal Growth mindset comes in such a great tool because it helps you shift and change your minds. Instead of feeling that we change our minds, we can actually feel good about changing our minds and admitting we were wrong, exactly because it is a hard thing to do. It can become part of who we are, that we are experts at being OK, with being wrong.

Life is all about choices! And when we start to make conscious choices, we begin to ask not just

How does this serve me? But How will this serve my growth and evolution? And How will it serve the world around me?

In other words, it’s not all about you! It’s about serving others!

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