Toxicity In A Relationship

Toxic people cause a lot of pain and suffering.

​People with this kind of personality are very manipulative and can be toxic to your health, career, and personal life. They use guilt trips to manipulate you into doing things for them that they should do themselves.

If you're dealing with someone like this in your life, it's time for some tough love because these bullies need help or they'll continue to hurt others around them until their next victim is found. It's not the victim's fault!

As a Life Coach, I can teach you how to recognize toxic behavior so you can get away from these harmful people before they ruin your relationships, career, or even worse - make sure that person gets help before he hurts anyone else again!

Toxic people are carefree. They don't notice and they don't care.

They go right on doing selfish things like drinking, playing around with you, or belittling.

You can stop the cycle of abuse by removing toxic people protecting yourself and setting boundaries so that you no longer have to deal with a person who causes you pain.

Many people have trouble setting boundaries. They don't know how to tell someone that they are hurting them or if a friend is being abused by their partner, they don't know what to do.

Setting boundaries is often hard because we feel guilty about not wanting to be around the person who is causing us pain and we worry that our friends will think less of us if we set boundaries with them.

We also wonder "What happens next?" after we've told someone off or ended a friendship/relationship.

It includes examples of specific situations as well as advice on what not to say when dealing with difficult people and how to handle common scenarios like family members who criticize your choices, friends who make demands on your time, abusive partners, etc...

You'll learn how setting boundaries isn't selfish but actually self-loving

Boundaries are hard to set and even harder to stick with. It's easy to get sucked back into the same old unhealthy patterns, especially when you're trying to make a change in your life.

You know that it's important for you to set boundaries but they can be really difficult. If you have been there, trust me I hear you. You have to live it to understand it.