Toxic people are prone to RAGE when they don't get their way.

When they storm out of a room, it is because they are in a rage and so overly sensitive that your toxic partner will never be able to meet all of your demands and expectations.

You feel like an emotional wreck. You can't take this anymore!

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You begin to bang yourself over your head and say, “I have been in a toxic relationship with someone who is emotionally manipulative and abusive.”

“What is my problem?”

​Once again, This has left me feeling like my self-worth was tied to the approval of this person, but I don't want to continue living like that anymore.

I’m so dumb I can't believe I fell for the toxic person trap helps you identify how your own behavior may be contributing to an unhealthy relationship and provides strategies for breaking free from them.

​Most of us have a tendency to evaluate ourselves through the filter of our emotions. We beat ourselves up when we have a day like that, telling ourselves that we are stupid or dumb.

What to do?

​We need to challenge our emotions, we go through the rest of our day spiraling downward and those beliefs.

​The problem is that we believe in a perspective that’s based on emotion, not truth. If you are not seeing yourself accurately, we have little hope.


You need to stop making character judgments about yourself. You are not supposed to think I’m a good parent because I allow my children to manipulate them into paying their bills.


“I am a good partner because I please them in every way possible so they don’t get upset.”


​"I allow my boss to ridicule or criticize my work when I know I go more than beyond at work.”

​You are allowing your humility to turn into a weakness, always letting the other person have their way.

​Always, letting the other person have their way to avoid conflict. But humility is a position of strength in a relationship. This is not a relationship!!!!

Humility means seeing yourself and others through the lens of truth, not through our reactive emotions.

​The reason we fall into this cycle of abuse is that we want to impress them.

​It’s easy to base relationships on what we feel instead of on what’s true. It’s uncomfortable to be around their craziness or deal with them, so we take action.

​We either avoid them or act like everything is OK so they don’t get upset.

All you are doing is prolonging the pain that comes in the relationship and you allowed yourself one more time to be manipulated.

You are either a slave to them or you drain yourself forever.

You can choose to do what you want with your feelings.

When you get married you exchange wedding vows, you promise to love each other. But those vows are really a statement of what they’re promising to do in the relationship, not what they’re going to feel.

Feelings come and go, and hopefully, there will be a lot of positive ones in the relationship. But if the actions they promise at the wedding disappear, so will the feeling.

Set your boundaries to keep your relationship safe. Be honest with your feelings, then take time to consider the best way instead of responding with anger.