Steady Progress

Around 80 percent of people give up on themselves. And the hardest part is to recommit. As I was thinking about this, I realized it is because we don’t reassess.

Here are a few buckets to follow that can help you get bacon track. It could be exercise and your eating habits.

👉 Surviving: We all need our basic needs on a daily basis to survive. Food, water, air & shelter. Once this is in place, we can also consider if it’s supporting our daily goals. Are we eating healthy unprocessed foods? Is the water you drink clean?? What is the quality of the air you are breathing? Is your shelter set up to keep you on track or distract you from good habits?

👉A Healthy Way Of Life: The habits and practices that contribute to your physical and mental health. Are you aware of how important it is to include sleep, stress management, movement, and social connections are ways that feel good and empowering for you most of your days?

👉Thriving: This one is easy to overlook. It includes joy, authenticity, purpose, growth, and beauty, and is about recognizing how we're engaging and connecting. It’s about stepping into the things we love and are passionate about, being present and mindful, and noticing the beauty of the world.

The question is, are you intentionally seeking joy? Are you having awe! moments? Are you making the time to be with those people that light you up?

Are you living a life with integrity? Are you being consistent and successful? What opportunities do you have for sustainable progress and improvement?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, there is no such thing as perfect in any of this…

So throughout the year, keep checking tackle one at a time, and reassessing is the golden key.

The idea is to Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect!

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