Pursue Joy

People who are sustainably happy understand that happiness is a momentary emotion, but joy is something that they feel all the time. They know that genuine joy is a daily decision, and no matter what challenges they face, they always have the choice to pursue happiness. Even in the worst of circumstances, they know that they can push through if they make the conscious decision to be joyful.

To pursue joy, you need to understand that it is within your power to choose it. No matter what is happening around you, you always have the choice to focus on the positive and be joyful. When you decide to pursue joy, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities and limitless happiness. Pursuing joy is an active decision.

How do you make it a habit to be happy? When you are facing fear, do you fight or flight? If you tend to bounce around because you run from fear, you don’t ever accomplish what you set out to do. Without that sense of accomplishment, you are left unfulfilled and unhappy.

When you begin to tap into your courage and complete the task you were avoiding, you’ll elevate those feelings of happiness. Overcoming fear gives you ownership of the future. You will close the gap between who you are to where you want to be.

Where do you need to be more courageous?

Fear often impedes the things we truly want to do. Whether it’s something big or small, we tell ourselves, “Not yet“ or “One day.”

If you live a day without fear and think of the things they haven’t been quite brave enough to do..yet.

We all have things we want to do. Our reasons for not doing them may not make sense to anyone other than ourselves.

Set some time apart and begin to think about what are the reasons you tell yourself why you can't do that thing. Then ask yourself why I should do that thing.

Who knows, you may wake up the wild in you!

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