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When we are faced with a situation where there seems to be only one option, it's not what we want. And someone else suggests an alternative that will make them happy or do something good for society in some capacity; instead of listening as usual-you shoot down any chance at compromise simply because "that isn't right".

It doesn’t matter how much evidence they provide - your mind has already made up its decision about who should win this debate before anything even begins!

I am sure many people have experienced these types of scenarios throughout their lives: A close friend wants us to go along on vacation together despite not knowing whether such a trip would benefit our relationships, while others argue heatedly among themselves.

Our friends and family may suggest alternatives, become exasperated, or simply shake their heads when they see you are clearly loyal to a person or job or circumstances that are clearly not good for you.

We are stubborn creatures, who, despite the opinions of our friends and family members will continue believing that this person is good for us. We'll also refuse to change ourselves even when presented with fresh evidence proving otherwise!

When we are faced with uncomfortable truths, even if they're staring us in the face and there's evidence to suggest something isn't good for us -we describe our devotion to ingrained beliefs, motivated reasoning m confirmation bias rationalization wishful thinking denial.

Most of us believe these terms don't apply because that part is a trap; at some point though-we'll resist whatever it takes before reality becomes too much like truth .

But sometimes our thoughts can feel more real than reality itself.

When we're faced with a difficult decision, it can be tough to think outside the box. We might get so attached to our own ideas that we can't see any other option.

A scout mindset can help us improve our reasoning for better decisions. By looking at things from different perspectives, we can come up with more creative solutions and avoid getting stuck in dead-end debates and we can approach every situation with an open mind, looking for the best solution for everyone involved.

So how do we cultivate an appetite for truth? Experts suggest that untangling ourselves starts with learning to identify when and where we’re caught.

Our defenses can blind us to information that we need to make well-informed decisions.

We all want to make better decisions, but sometimes our defenses can blind us to information that we need.

Our brains are constantly trying to protect us from information that might be harmful or uncomfortable, but this can actually keep us from making the best decisions possible.

A scout mindset can help us improve our reasoning for better decisions. This involves being open to new information and looking at things from different angles, which allows us to gather more data and make smarter choices.

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