Coping After A Breakup

Coping with Loss Following a Breakup


To identify the losses you experienced following a breakup and identify ways to cope.

What to Know

A deep sense of loss after a breakup is common because many aspects of your life have changed. Perhaps you did not realize the extent of the losses, or how deeply you would feel them. In addition to the loss of the relationship, perhaps you have lost some or all the following:

  • companionship

  • friendships you shared as a couple

  • your ex’s extended family

  • financial stability

  • your standard of living

  • intimacy and affection

  • time with your children

  • your home

  • your identity

  • the hopes and dreams you had for the relationship

All these losses can be hard to overcome and may contribute to feelings of sadness, hopelessness about the future, and even depression. You might think that ignoring these losses and focusing on other things will help you cope.

Unfortunately, even though denial might help temporarily, over the long-term unacknowledged losses can interfere with your happiness and ability to move forward.

This worksheet will help you reflect on your losses following a breakup and identify some ways to cope.

Tips for grieving after a breakup or divorce

  1. Don't fight your feelings. ...

  2. Talk about how you're feeling. ...

  3. Remember that moving on is the end goal. ...

  4. Remind yourself that you still have a future. ...

  5. Know the difference between a normal reaction to a breakup and depression.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety — especially if you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else — find a mental health professional who can help.