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Divorce Coach Nancy helps clients consistently report reduced anxiety and isolation – people sincerely appreciate our professionals' expert guidance throughout the divorce process. They highly value participation in my supportive divorce community. I host more than ten events each month through live virtual coaching worldwide.

Join me and learn about a better way to deal with divorce and how I can help guide you through this important life transition.

Nancy Duarte

Divorce With Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte is a life coach that specializes in divorce and family coaching and can help you live free. She has years of experience helping people overcome obstacles and create the life they want. With her help, you'll be able to face your fears, change your thoughts, and create the life you've always wanted.

Why Do I Need Divorce Coaching With Nancy?

Are you going through a Divorce?

Do you feel exhausted, confused, overwhelmed and all the fighting is taking its toll on your health and peace of mind. The good news is I help people get back to feeling like themselves again.

Are you in the middle of a High Conflict Divorce? Is it time to end your marriage?

I am way too familiar. I was married to a man for 17 years, and it was a nightmare to go through the divorce process, especially because we had children in the process. When dealing with a TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS, all the rules begin to change. You need to learn all the tools & tricks to their TOXIC game. I had to fire all of my attorneys and take action into my own hands. This was when I began to learn the mindset, the court system, and out beat attorney fees, not to mention mental exhaustion.

Stop stressing over the divorce process. Let me do all the work for you.

DIVORCE NAVIGATOR: helps you navigate the divorce process by providing professional guidance and a community of support customized to meet your needs during a difficult time.

My process helps you make the best decisions possible and achieve peace of mind. If so, I can help. Divorce Coach Nancy enables you to process and make the best decisions possible and achieve results and your peace of mind. I offer online divorce support groups and coaching to help you navigate the difficult journey ahead with confidence.

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Programs and Courses

  • Personalized guidance before, during and after divorce
  • Emotional, legal, and financial coaching
  • Events and workshops year-round

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Nancy's Divorce Coach Concierge is a better way to navigate divorce with a holistic, team-based approach to providing critical support services. It is a client-centered, compassionate approach developed out of my own over 20 plus years of experience and my many years of experience serving clients. I offer complimentary webinars and expert guidance to support you before, during, and after divorce. Each professional has personal experience with divorce, so my team understands how overwhelming the process can be. When you attend a Divorce Coaching Event, you are not getting a sales pitch. My events are designed to prepare you to take the next steps in your divorce. I am here to help you find your way.

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