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Nancy Duarte Life Coach strives to provide you with the help, advice, and resources you need to overcome life’s biggest challenges and transform them into something positive. Nancy offers a wide range of services, including divorce coaching, navigating divorce with children, temperament and relationship help, and conferences and retreats. Learn more below and reach out to get started today!

Divorce Coaching

Nancy Duarte has been through a divorce herself, and she understands how difficult it can be. She can provide you with divorce coaching to make every aspect of your divorce easier, including how to navigate life when your divorce is over, the legal process, parenting after divorce, and so much more.

Children and Divorce

Not only is divorce tough on the spouses getting divorced, but it can also be extremely challenging for children. Dealing with a divorce as a child can be life-altering, but Nancy Duarte is here to help you minimize the negative impacts of your divorce on your children by providing coaching and counseling services.

Temperament and Relationships

Relationships throughout life can be difficult to navigate. Whether it’s the relationship with your parents, children, spouse, or friends that you’re struggling with, Nancy Duarte can help! She provides temperament and relationship services to help you manage your emotions and ensure you’re contributing positively to your relationships.

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