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I am a CDC CERTIFIED DIVORCE COACH who specializes in personal growth,  inspiration and about supporting your life of total immersion!

Instead you will learn to discover what were you created to be? "What can I give to others?" through my own uniqueness. Why are you here on earth? What are you doing for others? What does courage sound like? How are things going to get better? What is the why in your life?

I cannot wait to connect you with your ultimate purpose to achieve awesome relationships, career, finances and most of all your greatest passion.

Throughout your life there's a voice that only you can hear. It's a call  to the true value of your life. A call to make a difference that only you can make.

It is important to link your work and recreational activities to a higher purpose.

I maintain a private practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  I speak fluent English and Spanish.


Let me share with you a bit of my story:


Once a upon a time,

My parents didn’t want me to love him. They wanted me to be rid of this bad man. The only problem was, I was 20 years old and could not see it.

What was the matter with this man anyway? The only complaint I had at the time is that he had a quick temper. But nothing I couldn’t handle.  So I thought.

By the time I was married to him, needless to say, seventeen years later with three children it  was a bit too late.

If only my parents could of snatched me away from evil. The truth would seem to explode like a volcano and to find myself saying abuse entered my home.

I became the “Beauty” and he was the “Beast!” For almost seventeen years, I laid silent to building strength to get out of this marriage. He was a heated volcanic rock always wanting to explode . I was completely blown away by the rare exceptional heart of stone he had.

This man wanted to be rid of me. One who, for more than a decade  pretended to be a wonderful husband and father. in front of everyone else. He killed my heart by everyday implementing small dosages of emotional, verbal and physical abuse.

I was living the drama of deception. The man I vowed to love, cherish and honor was not a hero in my eyes. The people he attacked were his children and myself.

It was a family secret.

This man could lie so convincingly that at times I thought there was something wrong with me. He could lie about anything to anyone for no apparent reason. I still did not know if I was married to Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

As the years would continue in this abusive silent home. I can clearly remember thinking to myself, “If I kept my mouth shut.”  It’s not worth the argument. This is the typical symptoms of a battered wife.

In my head, I danced all these unnecessary self-doubts! Over and over again. Only to realize that  all along, I had been right!

Every time, I was shocked and devastated. That this man I had trusted had used me in such a way.  Another reason victims of abuse are so unsympathetic because the experience was too close to home.

Any person that experiences a toxic relationship wants to acknowledge how vulnerable we really are. We are all susceptible to exploitation. I never thought as his wife that would be me.

How could I have been so stupid?

As a victim of toxic humans we become defensive because we are not comfortable facing the reality to vulnerability.

Usually people blame the victim as having failed to see the signs, therefore having “asked for it.”

My life became a sudden unexpected surprise. You think: it would never happen to me. Even after my divorce, there were times I blamed myself for being so naive. There had been warning signs that I failed to recognize.

When our self-control is diminished in any way we tend to ignore the signs to try to ease the pressure. So we let it go!

What is obvious to other people is denial for the victim. We lack awareness because we are blinded to betrayal.

I was deceived and would of left a lot sooner but I had no financial means. Not even a vehicle. I was trapped.

Many lessons were waiting for me to learn and it is how I became an expert on “Toxic Relationships.”

I t was a humanizing experience which lead me to become very humble that required for maturity. I was escaping failure so I thought.

Failure is brutal, dark and ugly. I was about to embark a new meaning. My identity was stripped from me. I lived the worst seventeen years of my life.

I loathed explaining my story to others and decided to put it in the back burner for many years. I did not want my girls to know who their father really was.

The hardest thing for me was to watch my girls get the same treatment. The man obviously hates women. In the midst of my failure the last thing I wanted to hear was everything was going to be ok.

Instead I began honoring my feelings instead of building up anger. I began to accept and committed my life to learn what techniques such as mindfulness to  succeed head-on emotional openness and spiritual and intellectual approach that lead me to emotional growth. Once we begin to face failure, embracing it honestly became the best gift.

I mastered the skills how to overcome and identify the mind of a toxic person. This is how I began to climb to the heights of character.

Failure increased my empathy. My sadness took me to a place where I began to love myself deeply. I chose not to self-hate myself or him but instead I used my experience to help others.

This is what empathetic people do. Instead of gazing inward and fixating on failure. I reserved myself to become kinder and take my failures less personal and harshly.

I became responsible for my own happiness and took my life back by becoming a Family Counselor, wrote a book “What My Parents Are Getting A DIvorce?. For the past 19 years, I have encouraged and guided individuals with all these issues that deal with their mental health.

Later I decided to become a Life Coach . I have created an online course that shows you results of “How to “Detox from a “Toxic Relationship.”

There were many obstacles and risk-taking situations that were against me, and he tried to shun me every step of the way. Divorce had hit my home and many disappointments headed my way. It was “unusually brutal.”

Failure humbled me and almost taught me how precious life is in and of itself. It revealed to me the human condition that our existence is projected against a background of nothingness.

It became a blessing in disguise. It developed an ambition and it awakened me inside. I began the desire to want to give back.

My life took a detour because of my experience but without it I would of never become this complex person that has brought me to who I am today. All these fabrics in my life have conceived who I am today.

The gift of forgiveness is a skill I learned that took me to a journey of a fulfilling life. I lost resentment and seeked for answers instead.


I serve as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of people. In addition to being a professional Life Coach, I’ve also presented nationally to general audiences speaking on the topics of How to "Detox" from a "Toxic "Relationship?, Personality Disorders, Divorce & Children and Different types of Temperaments & Personality Disorders and Blended Families, Teen Issues.

I am a Life Coach who believes you are hereos among all of you. You are something bigger than your daily self. You are a candle in the dark, you are a gift, a hand, a friend. You are an example of a hero that is more than what you are doing right now.


As your life coach I will inspire you and show you that you are more than one person, but to one person you may be their world.


I will be your personal and caring coach. For those who know me,  know that my heart is in my work.


I have spend years foucsed on these particular areas of expertise. Through this approach, I provide different strategies that I will share with you, to be able to dramatically change your performance.


How? By supporting and  share practical feedback to help people effectively address personal life challenges. I also integrate coaching techniques and helpful assignments and programs designed to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to you.


With compassion and understanding, I work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.


I'll offer you distinctions of power in how to create lasting improvements in the quality of your life.


Together we will focus on the mastery of the areas in your life that I believe will impact you the most.


I am also the Author of "What My Parents Are Getting A Divorce? as painful as it may be to survive divorce, the anger and confusion is what hurts the most. The book opens to find a 10- year old boy wondering why his parents are taking out for ice cream. When they break the news of divorcing, his life changed forever.


As a result I created a "Co-parenting Program" to resolve conflict and it will teach you unegotiation techniques to solve conflict between parents.


I became an expert on this topic because I speak out of my own experience. It was a challenge raising three children as a single mom and dealing with the process of divorce . I had to  maintain focus on finding a solution and not become part of the problem.


Even though my divorce was detrimental because I was a victim of abuse and a toxic relationship. It also lead me to a 17- year expertise coach on this subject.


My  program was created with the purpose of helping other people that have been a victim of chaotic emotional drama.


These people break all the rules. But the disturbing part is the misunderstanding and mystery of their mental condition.


It was an exhausting  journey filled with lies, manipulation, control, verbal, emotional and physical abuse. My life became a living nightmare. In a nutshell, this program helps people understand ASP Disorder, it comes in forms of sociopath, narcissist, controlling, psychopath, manipulative, misfits. These people all have the same basic characteristics but they are all a unique animal of their own.


My purpose is to make sure that my teachings through my very own experience will free victims to a life that has been awaiting for them to begin to live again! It was designed for the victim that has finally reached a point where they simply have had "ENOUGH!"




Abuse was my story! I am here to remind you that you were created for more. My program will awaken your divine nature for a higher self.


It's a wonderful life! There are only so many tomorrows. You are not living in eternity. You only have this moment.


We have all been an outcast in high school, a stranger to other people, the worst at something.  We all have flaws and horrible insecurities that paralyze our vices.


What can you do? Do what you can and begin by wanting to transform your life by wanting to reborn into a person that can actually feel alive!



Nancy Weaver Life Coach


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