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After facing years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse in her marriage for 17 years, Nancy Duarte began to seek change. She knew she needed to fight back, so she created a plan that would transform her life, empower her, and prove to her daughters that she was a warrior. That’s when she created a course that was designed to celebrate the “want tos,” “choose tos,” and “can’t wait tos” in life, instead of constantly focusing on the “have tos.” Now, she shares her truth and her story with others, while providing them with the tools they need to flourish after dealing with the tough things in life. Nancy believes that everyone has a story, and she’s here to help you understand how to find the good parts of your story and seek all the adventures and exciting possibilities around you.'

Nancy Duarte is a Certified Divorce Coach who specializes in families and High Conflict Divorce & Domestic violence for the past 23 years. She has helped numerous divorced families and lectured thousands of families.

She was a Family therapist. She is the author of “What? My Parents Are Getting A Divorce.” She is a course creator of “7 Shocking Truth Every Parent Should Know About Divorce & Kids”.

Her passion is to help protect children during and after divorce. You’ll discover the many ways divorce will change your family in the years ahead and the challenges of how to be an effective parent outside of marriage, how to choose a custody plan that is best for your child.

With compassion and wisdom, Nancy shows you how to create a new kind of family. She is the daughter of immigrant parents that fled from the communist regime of Cuba and she grew up in a divorced home as well.

She has helped Hispanic culture as well and she speaks fluent English & Spanish.

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Divorce Coaching

As someone who’s been through divorce herself, Nancy Duarte understands the unique challenges that it presents. Between finances, emotional heartache, and protecting any children that are involved, divorce can be messy, complicated, and extremely draining. That’s why she aims to provide you with the coaching and support you need during this time. She can not only help you provide assistance with each element of the divorce process, such as finances, the legal aspects, and navigating single life, but additionally, can help you learn how to take the tough moments in life and turn them into something beautiful.

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